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Cutter Specifications

Standard (or half round) cutters are made from Micrograin carbide. These cutters include a threaded brass knob w/set screw for top-loading spindles.

Cutter Facts

Standard, half-round cutters look physically the same. However, they are sharpened according to the material you are engraving, and are available in various tip widths. The cutter specifications are noted on the top of the gold knob of the cutter. For example, .015 FLX denotes .015 for the cutting width, and FLX refers to the material that cutter is sharpened.

sharpened for standard plastic material

ACR – sharpened for acrylic

SSS – sharpened for stainless steel

BAL – sharpened for brass, aluminum and lead

Tip-Off or Tip Width

The tip-off refers to the flat on the tip of an engraving cutter that determines how wide the cutter will cut. When we refer to tip width or tip size, we are describing the width the cutter produces at the bottom of the cut.

Cutting Angle
is the angle of the cutting edge in reference to the shank of the tool. Standard tools for plastic have a 30° cutting edge, Standard tools for metals have a 40° cutting edge, and Profilers have a 15° cutting edge.

Included Angle
is another reference to the cutting angle, but is double the angle of the cutting edge to the shank. Standard tools for plastic have a 60° included angle. Standard tools for metals have a 80° included angle, and Profilers have a 30° included angle.

Clearance angles
refer to the angle behind the cutting edge that allows for chip clearance. Tools for softer materials have more clearance and tools for harder material have less clearance (and a stronger cutting edge).

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