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In an industry built on precision, there have been very few options for the laser operator to have greater control, accuracy, speed, flexibility and major material savings, until now! The RACK STAR Low-Contact Modular Engraving and Cutting System creates a truly flexible, modular laser engraving and cutting system made of precision-machined, high-grade aluminum and stainless steel screws.  Unlike traditional honeycomb tables, RACK STAR will never need replacing!! The unique fixture rail system incorporates equally-spaced, tapered aluminum, cone-shaped pins along every rail to minimize contact with the material and to eliminate tick marks and burning of the back of the material This results in minimal spoilage to materials. This rail and pin system allows for true flexibility of placement of Acrylic Risers, Acrylic V-Blocks and special fixtures vertically or horizontally to maximize engraving speed and increase production.  It also reduces setup time and eliminates costly manufacturing errors. RACK STAR Laser Engraving and Cutting Systems will fit any laser with horizontal and vertical rulers no larger that 3/16" in height and with a vertically adjustable table. It is available in sizes to support several table dimensions. Best of all, RACK STAR is designed and assembled in the USA and is built by a company specializing in the manufacture of high quality machine parts to exacting military specifications.